CUMINU: The Future of Adult Entertainment

The internet is about to be revolutionized. We stand on the edge of a new frontier. Web 3.0 is coming. And blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will be the foundations.

Web 3.0 will continue to democratize the internet. It will involve all of the existing protocols and services we see on today’s internet, but they’ll be built on permission-less blockchains with open protocols and open standards. This will allow for a much greater level of freedom, decentralization, and democracy for individual users, content creators, and projects.

Blockchain technology is already beginning to disrupt enormous industries. We are only just scratching the surface. All sections of the economy will change forever. And it will happen much faster than previously assumed.

The Adult entertainment industry

Adult entertainment has always been an early adopter of technology. From VHS to streaming, instant messaging, 4k and 5k cameras, hosting, online payments, data analytics, VR. Wherever there is new technology, the adult entertainment industry leads the way.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the latest innovations to move the adult industry forward. And they do so in an extraordinary way. Empowering content creators and consumers alike.

Benefits of blockchain in the Adult entertainment industry

The adult entertainment industry is estimated (conservatively) to be worth around $15bn a year. This makes it bigger than Hollywood or Netflix.

It’s estimated over 30–40% of all internet traffic is for pornography. Massive ecosystems and micro niches overlap and compliment adult content. From social and dating apps to cam girls, livestreams and fan sites the adult industry prospers everywhere.

Although there have been early forays combining crypto and adult content — they have barely touched the vast possibilities of cryptocurrencies, tokens and the blockchain present.

Blockchains’ continued adoption provides unique opportunities and benefits;

Decentralized and trust-less: This helps protect all participants (sex workers, content creators and consumers, companies) from discrimination. This is a problem with traditional financial institutions. Multiple examples exist of payment platforms and banks banning sex workers from receiving payment.

Anonymity and privacy is guaranteed with the use of blockchain. Identities, and associated adult content, are concealed when making payments. This also overcomes the issue of censorship.

Creators and participants are empowered to have greater control over their finances. They are able to create wallets and receive payments without the added pressure that comes from pimps, brothels and corrupt individuals wanting to exploit them.

Users could earn rewards in form of a token for consuming adult content on a blockchain platform.

Before we talk about how CUMINU solves a problem, first we need to look at a non-crypto site with incredible growth — OnlyFans

Started in 2016, it has become a cultural phenomenon — with 120m users, 1m creators and over $2b in revenue. Although not started as purely adult content, it’s quickly emerged as a leading platform for NSFW and adult material.

Onlyfans connects fans with content creators through a subscription model, allowing creators to develop a direct relationship with their audience and get paid for their content.

However, because it offers only traditional payment methods and signing up process — it has found itself limited by the censorship and realities of traditional payment providers and regulations.

This is where CUMINU offers a blockchain and crypto alternative.

Fig 1: Cum Inu VS OnlyFans


Platform for adult creation and lifestyle…

CUMINU is a brand new adult entertainment platform with ambitions to become the leading crypto and blockchain platform for paid adult entertainment.

It will marry the best features of major adult content sites with the huge advantages of the blockchain.

Powering the site’s transactions with cryptocurrency allows for unlimited anonymous tipping, immediate payouts to talent and lower fees charged to models.

CUMINU aims to keep content creators, fans and investors happy by solving many industry issues via a next-generation platform and a revolutionary dual tokenomics system.

The CUMINU platform offers 3 main features;

· CUMINU Cams — Adult stars and creators host live, interactive, tippable streams

· CUMINU Content — Profiles and unlockable (paid for via tips) content ranges from livestreams, images and videos to NFTs and personalised messages

· CUMINU AMA (Ask Me Anything) — live streamed community events. Hosted by adult stars and featuring fan Q&A via live chat, tips and bidding on unlockable items

CUMINU offers a next generation platform with new and novel ways in which fans and adult content creators are able to interact.

Importantly it differentiates itself from the competition by offering these benefits;

· Instant payments for content creators

· Up to 30% lower fees when compared with other platforms

· Copyright protection for content creators

· A one stop shop platform for adult entertainment

· Live community events

· Unique dual chain tokenomics

Project Type

CUMINU is a NSFW content platform protocol developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Its native token is $CUMINU: a fixed supply ERC-20 token. The platform brings together adult stars and fans to a one stop shop where content is created and shared and rewards are instant.


CUMINU offers revolutionary dual chain tokenomics. $CUMINU is deployed on the Ethereum network and $TIPINU is deployed on the Binance smart chain. The $TIPINU token will be used for tipping content creators on the CUMINU platform. $CUMINU is the investing token for the CUMINU platform.

Fig 2: The Dual chain Tokenomics


Both $CUMINU and $TIPINU have a fixed maximum supply of 10 Billion (10,000,000,000) tokens each.

Token Launch

$CUMINU was launched through a fair sale. Meaning no ICO or presale. The CUMINU team provided the initial liquidity.

Transaction burns

Buyers keep all of their token purchases as no burns or liquidity fees are built into the token.


The $CUMINU/Ethereum pair was launched on Uniswap. Upon launch, 90% of the tokens were locked up for a period of 2 years in the Uniswap liquidity pool. This gives investors confidence, making sure a liquid market is always available.

The diagram below shows the process and functionality of the $TIPINU token:

Fig 3: How $Tipinu model works


Despite offering dual chain tokenomics, the CUMINU ecosystem is simple and straightforward. A portion of all earnings made via content creators and fans on the platform would be redistributed to the holders of $CUMINU via regular market buy backs and burns. This would gradually deplete the fixed supply of the $CUMINU token — making each remaining token more valuable and ensuring it is deflationary.

The buy back and burns works by charging and redistributing 10% of all funds paid to content creators and a 5% fee charged on $TIPINU transactions.

Utility and Mechanics

The platform is deployed on the stable Ethereum blockchain. As the Ethereum blockchain can suffer with high transaction (gas) fees, the tipping token $TIPINU will be created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) due to its lower transaction fees.


The implementation of the CUMINU roadmap is successfully underway. All milestones of the launch phase been achieved so far (a near miracle in crypto). A website is active. A beta platform has been tested twice. V2 of the platform is already being built. It has a highly engaged, passionate Telegram and Twitter community. The active wallet holders reached in excess of 4000 and the valuation has previously hit an all-time high of $46 million.

Both tokens are successfully audited and CUMINU is listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko and achieved a DEXT score of 99.

CUMINU is now in the growth and marketing phase of its roadmap. Two Beta launches have occurred, with a third happening very soon. A completely new, revamped platform is to follow shortly along with the creation of the $TIPINU token.

Celebrity backing

Fig 4: Cum Inu Models support

The CUMINU platform already has a larger number of adult stars involved. Some featured on the Beta platform live community AMA where they got to interact with the fans. These stars include; Tasha Reigns (1st AMA guest), Blair Williams, Allison Parker, Lacey London, Yvonne Bar, Kim Swallows and Tehmneea Afzal.

Fig 5: Flexibility concept for Models

Content creators, models and fans are beginning to migrate to the platform. They plan to disrupt the adult industry and bring blockchain into the adult mainstream.

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CUMINU - The Future of Adult Entertainment

CumInu is an adult entertainment protocol that integrates adult contents, creators and their lifestyle onto a platform developed on the blockchain