How CUMMUNITI will disrupt Adult Entertainment and why you should care…

CUMMUNITI is a NEW adult content platform launching in September 2021.

An 18+ mix of OnlyFans, Chaturbate and Twitch.

Built on the future of the Internet — the decentralised blockchain — and powered by cryptocurrency.

  • CUMMUNITI will be the platform for ‘Cams, Content and Community’. This is where the action happens
  • $CUMINU is the crypto token behind it. Holding $CUMINU means you own part of the platform
  • $TIPINU will be the platform currency used for tipping creators.

Why creators should care

  • Live interactive streaming AND ‘static’ content (images/video/NFTs) on ONE platform for ALL types of fans
  • Sell or auction any content you want
  • Unlimited tipping
  • 10% fees (50% lower than OnlyFans) on earnings
  • Paid INSTANTLY in stable cryptocurrency (cash out to FIAT — no big banks to bully you)
  • Quick sign up (no long waits)
  • Easy OnlyFans content merge
  • Copyright protection
  • The future of the Internet. Democratized, decentralized Web 3.0. Helps protect all adult content creators from discrimination

Creators (always should) have the choice. This is how it stands.

The current option:

Host only static content on OnlyFans etc, accept fiat (if the banks don’t cut you off) and wait the usual few days to get paid, then stream somewhere else.


The smart option:

Sign up to CUMMUNITI, merge all content with one click, get paid instantly and find a place you can live stream as well as sell static content on the same site.

Why users should care

  • Live interactive streaming AND ‘static’ content (images/video/NFTs) on ONE platform
  • ALL types of creators and fans welcome!
  • Anonymous
  • Private
  • Live community events
  • Unlimited tipping
  • Easily convert FIAT/other cryptocurrencies into tipping currency on the platform

Why investors should care

  • Next-gen platform
  • Revolutionary, unique dual tokenomics ($CUMINU on ETH and $TIPINU on BSC) make the tipping currency stable and the $CUMINU token deflationary!
  • More upside potential (lower Market Cap than ‘competitors’ but with superior liquidity)
  • Successful beta tests
  • Supportive, highly engaged telegram community
  • The leading next-gen adult platform option on the ethereum blockchain (safer, more stable)
  • The natural next step for the $15bn adult industry
  • Still really early!

Forget the past. We are the future. Come and join our Cummuniti.

For more detailed info — have a gander at our whitepaper or join us in our telegram.

Or check out our chart and buy $CUMINU now.



CUMINU - The Future of Adult Entertainment

CumInu is an adult entertainment protocol that integrates adult contents, creators and their lifestyle onto a platform developed on the blockchain